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Fitting a Bridle Guidance Notes

Below are some useful guidance notes and diagrams for measuring your bridle. Please download & complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Take the measurements from the bridle you use. If you find that any part of it is too big or to tight remember to take this into account when measuring and add or deduct it to the size that it currently measures, i.e. the browband measures 15 but it needs to be bigger, put on the form that you want a 15 browband.

Please measure your bridle in inches.

Remove the bit and take the browband and noseband off of the bridle. Leave the cheek pieces attached to the headpiece.

Lay the bridle parts out flat to take the measurements.

A Bit to Bit: Measure from the bend of the cheek piece, along the headpiece to the same point on the other side.

B Measure the throatlash from the buckle, along the throat and the headpiece to the hole you use.

C Measure your browband from the end to the other end.

D Measure the noseband from the buckle along the front of the nose to the hole you use.

E Measure the front section of the noseband between the straps.

F Measure the noseband offside point strap from the noseband to the hole you use. Then measure the nearside buckle strap from the noseband to the buckle.

G Measure the flash strap from the buckle to the hole you use.

If you are unsure about measuring your bridle or you want to find anything else out, please call me for advice as I will be happy to help.

** Please click here to download our Measurement Form **

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