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Our belts are hand made using English bridle leather by traditional methods and hand stitched. There is a choice of colours and buckles to make any trousers or jeans look the part.

Our most popular belt is a Traditional Plain Belt.

Other belts available are; Cotton Web Belt with leather ends, bit buckle belts, laced, braided, plaited and cartridge belts
They can be made in a variety of length and widths. If you would like to discuss your individual needs and ideas please contact me.


Plain Belts   From 32
Bit Buckle Belts   From 40
Laced Belts   From 45

How to measure for your new belt..
There are two ways to measure for a belt. If you have an existing belt to measure from then use this to get the correct measurement or use a dressmakers tape to measure around your waist.

Measuring from your existing belt

  • Lay your belt out flat
  • Measure from the turn of the leather at the buckle end to the hole that you use
  • This measurement will be to the middle hole. Please let me know if you require 5 or 7 holes as this allows for adjustments

This belt shows a measurement of 30 ½” (77.5cm) to the hole that is used. This measurement then will be the middle hole on the new belt that is made to order.

Measuring around your waist/ hips

  • Wearing the type of trousers that you want the belt to go with, use the dressmakers tape and thread through the belt loops.
  • Pull the tape so it is snug to the trousers and take the measurement (make sure the tape is tight and that the trousers are sitting in the correct place on your waist/hips)
  • This measurement is what is needed to make your belt fit to the centre hole. Please let me know if you require 5 or 7 holes as this allows for adjustments.

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